Our Favorite Ornaments of 2015

Snowman Family of 4 with Black and Tan Dogs – $15.99

England – $12.99

2015 Snow Couple with Hearts – $12.99

Baby Girl’s 1st Christmas Frame with Heart – $13.99








Spongebob Squarepants Wreath – $13.50

Karate Gi – $12.50

Lil Sister – $12.50

Mitten on Hooks Family of 9 – $17.99








White Wedding with Doves Picture Frame – $14.99

White Dog with Big Holly Bone – $11.99

Cheerleader Blue Megaphone – $12.50

In Our Hearts Forever – $12.99









Horse with Holiday Saddle – $12.99

Football Word with Banner – $13.50

Fairy with Flowers Ornament/Magnet – $10.50

Sock Monkey – $12.50









Proud to Serve Military Picture Frame – $13.50

OBGYN Blocks – $12.99

Grandchildren with 8 Hearts – $16.50

Hello Kitty – $12.99









Baby Boy Wreath with Duck – $13.99

Best Grandma and Grandpa Snowmen – $12.99

Princess Heart with Crown – $12.99

World Traveler – $13.50









Red Coffee Lover Cup – $11.99

Paris – $12.99

Theater – $13.50

Minion with Candy Cane – $12.99








Mermaid on Rock – $12.99

Track Shoe and Stopwatch – $12.50

Stripe Tan Cat with Lights and Heart – $12.99

Ballerina Heart with Tiara – $12.99









Gymnastics with Silver Stars – $11.99

Cruise Ship Sunset – $12.99

Bannister with 8 Stockings – $16.99

Christmas Pajamas Couple – $13.99








Baby Girl Bear Sleeping on the Moon – $12.99

Brown Female License with Keys – $13.99

White Ice Skates – $11.99

Basketball Word with Banner – $13.50










All-Around Sports Ornament/Magnet – $10.50

Grand Piano with Notes – $12.99

5 White Stockings by the Fire – $14.99

25th Anniversary Bubbly – $11.99









Elmo with Santa Hat – $12.99

Aloha Hawaii – $12.99

Twins in Buggy – $14.50

She Said YES with Red Hearts – $13.50








Soccer Mom – $12.50

Baseball with Bat and Glove – $13.99















Christmas 2015!

It is officially November and we are now 53 days away from Christmas. Our workshop of elves are already working away to perfect all our lovely personalized ornaments for your families this year. As always, we have an incredibly vast collection of adorable personalized ornaments to choose from for everyone on your Christmas list this year. Check them out!

For your favorite all-star athlete, pick up a memorable figurine:


Softball Red Uniform – Brown Hair, available for $12.50

Completely personalized at personalizedfree.com!

For the cartoon lovers in our lives:


Spongebob Squarepants Wreath Ornament, available for $13.50

Completely personalized at personalizedfree.com!

And of course we can’t forget our adorable furry friends:


Dog with Big Holly Bone – White, $11.99

Completely personalized at personalizedfree.com!

While these are just a few of our cute personalized ornaments, we have 1800 to choose from over at personalizedfree.com! For more news and possible discounts on future ornaments, don’t forget to check out our other social media sites:

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EB Awareness Week

Have you heard of EB-Epidermolysis Bullosa? Via Wikipedia, by definition Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is an inherited connective tissue disease causing blisters in the skin and mucosal membranes, with an incidence of 1/50,000. Its severity ranges from mild to lethal. It is caused by a mutation in the keratin or collagen gene.
As a result, the skin is extremely fragile. Minor mechanical friction or trauma will separate the layers of the skin and form blisters. People with this condition have an increased risk of cancers of the skin, and many will eventually be diagnosed with it as a complication of the chronic damage done to the skin.


I had never even heard of EB until I came across the blog of Courtney Roth, “EB”ing A Mommy.  Courtney is the mother of Tripp, an absolute angel who has one of the more severe forms of EB, Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa.  Tripp has to live every day with the painful aspects of EB.  He has to be constantly bandaged, fed via tube, and breathes via a ventilator-just to name a few of the symptoms the poor guy faces.  His mother is his very dedicated and loving 24 hour a day caregiver, and I am blown away by their strength.

Courtney has been steadfast in her dedication to Tripp and to helping raise awareness and finding a cure for EB.  She has never asked her readers for any help for herself, just for helping to do something to fight this awful illness.  October 25-31 is EB Awareness Week, and we here at PersonalizedFree.com wanted to do something to help the cause.  There are several different ways you can get involved in raising awareness for EB.  Via Courtney’s blog:

“EB” a part of the Cure by joining the Facebook page HERE.
Create your own awareness page.
Post about EB on your Facebook page or blog.
Share the awareness video at the end of this post.
Educate yourself about EB (Debra.org is a great way).
Simply tell another person about EB.
Educate your children about EB so that they will be able to recognize it.

We’ve also come up with one more way.  From now until Christmas, we’ve given Tripp his very own promo code- “TRIPP”.  We will donate 10% of the purchase price of every single personalized Christmas ornament purchased with this code to DebRA.org to help raise awareness for EB and fund research for a cure.  It’s a win-win situation-you can get some goodies for your tree and potentially help save lives in the process.  Also feel free to head over to “EB”ing A Mommy and give Courtney and Tripp some love-we want them to know they are not alone!!

Get your sweat on with Sports and Exercise Ornaments!

I gift everyone in my family a different personalized Christmas ornament each year.  Doing so is typically a no-brainer, I just choose a different family ornament to add to their collection.  Difficulty can sometime arise, however, when giving single person ornaments-one person can only have so many hobbies and professions!  I’ve found a solution, though.  Most people exercise or participate in some form of sports, and we have many different ornaments in our large inventory to accommodate that!  Here are some ideas for the athletic person in your life.

zumba dance christmas ornament

New, and sure to be very popular this year, is the Hip Hop Dance-Zumba Girl-Blonde ornament.  (Also available in brunette.)  Zumba is the group exercise craze of the moment, and any participant is sure to find this ornament absolutely adorable.

power lifter man personalized christmas ornament

But maybe you’ve got a brother that’s not so much into Zumba as he is weightlifting.  No problem-check out the Power Lifter Man-Brown Hair ornament. (Also available in blonde.)

female runner personalized christmas ornament

Do you know someone who ran in the Chicago Marathon last weekend?  Or maybe just lives to hit the treadmill a couple times a week.  We’ve got something for them as well-the Female Runner with Stripe-Brown Hair ornament.  (Also available in blonde female, dark skin female, and blonde, brown, or dark skin male.)  Hint: you can make this Christmas gift extra special by adding personalization of the runner’s PR best time, or a special race they completed this year.  We can personalize on anything you like, just include it in the special instructions when you order.

These are just a very small selection of the sports and exercise ornaments we have available-please come check out PersonalizedFree.com to see our vast array of others!

Remember this Halloween with a Personalized Ornament!

Well, I suppose it is time to admit defeat.  The kids are back in school, if you are here in the Pacific Northwest like us, the rains have set in, and Christmas decorations are out in the stores-this can only mean one thing.  Summer is definitely over, and fall is upon us.  Fall is not all bad, though.  Who doesn’t love the changing of the leaves, pumpkin pies, and Halloween?  One might not automatically make the connection between Halloween and personalized Christmas ornaments, but you know we sure do!  Getting the kiddos all dressed up and taking them out for a magical night of trick or treating is definitely a memory to be remembered, so why not personalize an ornament that you can look back on for years to come?  We have some ornaments in our huge inventory of over 1500 ornaments that are sure to fit the bill.

princess personalized christmas ornament

What little girl hasn’t dressed up as a princess at least once?  You could easily personalize this Princess with Blonde Hair-Pink Dress ornament with your princess’ name, plus Halloween 2011 if so desired.  We also have this princess available with brown hair if that resembles your little one a bit better!

Some other great options for little girls are:

personalized angel christmas ornament

The Angel Holding Stars ornament, available for $10.95.

personalized cheerleader christmas ornament

The Cheerleader- Red/Blonde ornament, available for $12.95.  Our cheerleader is available in many different costume and hair colors, selection is here.

personalized nurse christmas ornament

Did she dress up as a nurse?  Here is our Nurse in Pink Scrubs-Blonde Hair ornament, available for $12.95.  We have a large selection of other hair colors and nurse uniforms, you can see them here.

Let’s not forget about the little guys, though!  There are plenty of different ornaments you can personalize to remember your son’s Halloween as well.  Some great options include:

personalized police christmas ornaments

Did your little man dress up as his favorite hometown hero for Halloween?  You might like the Policeman with Badge ornament, available for $11.95.

personalized fireman christmas ornament

If not a policeman, maybe a fire fighter?  Available for $11.95, another popular choice is our Fireman Holding Axe ornament.

personalized ninja christmas ornament

Most little boys would love to be a ninja on Halloween.  Remember their fun with the Karate Wham Bear ornament, only $11.95.

No matter what your little ghosts and goblins decide to dress up as this Halloween, make sure to have a SAFE and fun night!!

Honor the helpers in your life with a personalized ornament!

There are many people who work behind the scenes to make our day to day lives a lot easier.  We always remember to thank and honor our teachers, doctors, etc…but what about the secretary that makes the office run so smoothly or the manicurist that makes your toes so pretty while you’re gabbing with the hair stylist?  What better way to show your appreciation for their hard and usually unrecognized work than a personalized Christmas ornament this year?  We’ve got some new ornaments that will fit the bill just perfectly.

secretary personalized christmas ornament

This new ornament is the Computer Worker Female-Blonde Hair.  It is also available in a female with brown hair, and males with either blonde or brown hair.  This ornament is available for only $12.95, and can be personalized with any inscription you desire-we will make it the perfect gift for the secretary or office worker that makes a difference in your life.

We have quite a few different options for your beauty professionals-we have sections for hairstylist ornaments and manicurist ornaments.  We have one new ornament this season that I think you’ll really like-

esthetician personalized christmas ornament

The Spa Girl Ornament, available for $12.95.  This ornament could be given to your masseuse, esthetician, manicurist, or even the girlfriend who is always there to enjoy a spa day with you.  This would be a great addition to a spa gift certificate for a special someone on your shopping list!

No matter who you want to make feel special this Christmas, we have the perfect choice for you in our inventory of over 1300 perfectly personalized Christmas ornaments!

New Family Ornaments!

Can you even believe it is already less than three months until Christmas?!  While the big day may not even be on your radar yet, we have had our elves busy working behind the scenes to get all of our over 1300 personalized Christmas ornaments ready for you this holiday season!  One of the fun things we get to do every year is look around for new ornaments to add to our vast inventory.  We are going to introduce some of them to you in a series of blog posts, so you can either update your wish list or beat the rush and order now at PersonalizedFree.com! Our best selling ornaments tend to be our family ornaments, so we are always on the look out for cute new additions to that section.  We have found some this season we think you will just love!

personalized family christmas ornament

This adorable resin ornament is the Family Carrying Christmas Tree.  Accommodating 4 family members, it is sure to be the perfect addition to your tree this year!  Available for $14.95.

family personalized christmas ornament

Have a bit bigger family?  Then the Family in Big Blue Bed ornament could be the winner for you.  With six family members to personalize, this resin ornament is cute and functional for the larger family.  Available for $15.95.

Make sure to keep clicking here and on our Facebook page to watch for more new ornaments and coupon codes to get your Christmas ornament shopping started off right!!

Only 8 Days Until Christmas!!

Can you believe it?  Only 8 days until Christmas!  The good news is, there is still PLENTY of time to order your personalized Christmas ornaments!  We are still shipping same day in most situations, next day in all the others, so if you placed your order today, you would have it by Monday or Tuesday of next week!!

The reason most people put off their Christmas shopping (other than the crazy crowds of people at the malls, which you won’t have to worry about on our site!) is because they simply don’t know what to get for certain people on their list.  We can help you with that!!  With over 1300 different ornaments to choose from, we are certain to have the high quality, yet relatively inexpensive gift for anyone on your list.  We have the best handwriting of any other personalized Christmas ornament site on the web, so let us take some stress off and finish up your Christmas shopping at PersonalizedFree.com!

Also, please go “like” us on Facebook-there’s lots of fun to be had over there, including a current giveaway of a personalized ornament of your choice!!

Top 5 Reasons to order your Personalized Christmas Ornaments now…and a giveaway!

5….Our selection is still fantastic, so you’ll be able to get all your favorite personalized Christmas ornaments before they sell out!

4….Getting your Christmas order in now will give you more time to waste on Black Friday!

3….The postal service isn’t completely inundated yet, so shipping is faster than Rudolph!

2….Who wouldn’t want to receive a personalized ornament from their Secret Santa, boss, coworker, or friend at the company party? It’s much better than a boring gift card!

1….We are the fastest, most meticulous, best quality personalized Christmas ornament store out there and we want you to love your ornaments for years to come. Thank you for letting us be a part of your holiday traditions!

Know a Skydiver?
We know that you won’t admit to being this crazy, but maybe you know someone who is.

Expecting your 3rd?

Step right up if you’re brave enough for this big step.


The Real Team Leader
Coaching is the easy part compared to the duties of the Soccer Mom!

We’ve got over 1300 different ornaments to choose from, so no matter your reason for ordering, we’re sure to have exactly the personalized ornament you’re looking for!

We are currently holding a giveaway for a $20 PersonalizedFree.com gift certificate-exclusively for our Facebook fans!  So go “like” us on Facebook and read here to find out how you can win!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Kids!

I don’t know about you, but there are big things happening in my house this year. Every year of a child’s life is filled with milestones, but it seems like none are quite as exciting as the fifth year.

From the first day of big kid school-kindergarten! and the subsequent first bus ride, to the first lost tooth and visit from the tooth fairy, to first sports and sometimes even a baby sister or brother added to the family, there are many things to be remembered!
What better way to remember them than a personalized Christmas ornament? There are personalized ornaments to commemorate the first tooth lost, as pictured above, or you could choose a tooth fairy personalized Christmas ornament like this one:

There are many different personalized ornament choices to remember the first day of school as well. You could go with a first day of school personalized Christmas ornament that looks like your proud kindergartener:

or instead choose the first bus ride Christmas ornament so you can remember what was probably the favorite part of your new students day.

But school and teeth aren’t the only things that are special in a five year old’s life. Did your kiddo get glasses this year? You could go with an Eyeglasses Personalized Ornament to show your little one how cool they look in their new shades-

Or what if their year wasn’t marked so much by what they did, but more about what they became…like a big sister or brother? No matter the situation, you can find a personalized Christmas ornament for siblings that would fit the bill.

There are big sister ornaments,

as well as big brother ornaments.

So no matter what you’re looking for, we here at PersonalizedFree.com have you covered with all of these ornaments in stock plus many, many more, and as always are offering free shipping on all orders over $60!