A Brief Break in The Ornament House

Last night we took a brief break from the Christmas ornament business and turned The Ornament House into the Old Folks Home! That’s right, I turned 40! To help celebrate the milestone, Wendy organized a terrific party with family and friends. We had great food, beer, wine, and lots and lots of fun! My brother, Sean, even put together a fantastic slide show detailing all the years of my life. I had no idea that I’d been through so much! I know it’s a common question for people to ask if I “feel” like I’m 40. Yesterday, my answer was easily NO, but after a long night of celebrating, I can honestly say I feel like I’m 80 today! Thank you everyone for a memorable night! Now, it’s back to work. There sure are days where I wish I was back to the age I was in this picture!scott