October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

And unfortunately, the odds probably are that you know someone who has been directly effected by Breast Cancer.  According to the American Cancer Society via the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website, Breast Cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women other than skin cancer, with almost 200,000 cases expected to be diagnosed this year alone.
Noble organizations such as The Susan G. Komen Foundation are working tirelessly to fight the monster known as Breast Cancer, with the end goal of finding a cure.

We here at PersonalizedFree.com support the race for the cure, and the fight against Breast Cancer.  We are offering a Pink Ribbon Ornament this year.  This is the perfect way to honor someone who is battling or has lost the fight against Breast Cancer.  For someone who participated in the SGK 3-Day Race for the Cure, we also have a Walking Female Ornament.

Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk Christmas Ornament

Also available in blonde, this walking lady can be personalized to commemorate the walker’s name, date and location of 3 Day Walk.  You can even brag about how much was raised!

In addition, we’ve come up with a promotion to help.  For every new Facebook fan we acquire in the next week, up to 1200 total fans, we will donate $1 directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help win the fight against breast cancer.  All it takes is a little click of the like button over on our Facebook page to help out!  Personalized Christmas Ornaments for a cause-what a win for everyone!

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