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We made it!

Well, we’ve come to the conclusion of another great season at!  Many thanks to all of our faithful customers who return to our site year after year, and also a big Thank You for all the newbies this season.  We’re confident you had a great experience with us and will spread the word for next year.  We trust that everyone had a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  After shipping thousands of ornaments over the last few months, we shipped ourselves to the Caribbean for a cruise to help celebrate Wendy’s grandmother’s 90th birthday!  For an end of the year festivity, this was very relaxing, but had it’s stressful moments!  With 3 small kids to monitor every second of the day for 8 days, it was a bit rough at times.  However, visiting with family, seeing great beaches, and eating all day long, definitely made this an exciting and needed vacation!  Happy New Year, everyone.  We’ll keep writing throughout the year, so keep in touch!Carnival_Freedom-1

The Christmas Ornament Assembly Line

We have reached our Peak Week in The Ornament House, and are we ever feeling it!  It is such a mad scramble to get everyone’s Christmas ornament orders out the door that we’re working darn near around the clock.  We’re regularly going to bed after 3am and it’s starting to catch up to us.  No worries to our customers, though.  The ornaments are still chugging down the assembly line looking as fantastic as ever!  Our personalizers and shippers are doing a fabulous job in getting orders out in record time.  Incoming orders are being pulled, processed, checked, packaged, and shipped within 2 days!  We can faintly see the light at the end of the tunnel and it just so happens that the light represents a much needed vacation.  Our poor kids are starved for attention, so we’ve got some serious making up to do before they form a union and decide to move into grandma’s house!assembly line

The Santa Visit – When is it too Early?

When Santa visits the mall, you know Christmas is right around the corner.  In our local mall, that means the middle of November!  Is that too early?  Should we REALLY be thinking about Christmas two weeks after the last trick-or-treater knocks on our door?  Should malls be fully decked out before the turkey hits the table?  In the case of Costco, we’re talking about late summer, but that’s another story.  In our case, the pre-Thanksgiving visit to Santa works out perfectly.  Our Christmas business at keeps us shackled to our house like a disobedient reindeer for the entire month of December.  In fact, the kids are lucky (or unlucky) that we even have the time to take them to school.  If not for Santa making his annual appearance in November, our poor children would grow up wondering if they would EVER meet the Big Cheese himself.  One of the best reasons for going in November is that you rarely have to wait in line.  How many times have you stood in a long line—only to have Santa go on a lunch break for an hour once you finally reached the front?  It’s tempting to throw your kids in front of him while he’s sitting down in the mall’s Food Court, but who wants a picture of Santa with ketchup in his beard?  Not me, which is why November is the best time for the precious picture.  The number one reason for going early?  You get great pictures like this because the kids haven’t melted down while waiting in line.  What are your thoughts?  How early does your family visit Santa?

11-2009-photo 345

Holly, Santa, Jason, Jamie