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Putting up the Christmas Lights!

Christmas lights–the one thing guys dread the most every year. Sure, they look great once they’re UP, but getting them to that point takes time, imagination, and very careful balance while on the roof! Each year, the grueling task of completing our light display seems to stretch further into the dark, cold night. The reason? Wendy likes to stock up on more decorations in January when everything is 99% off retail! The thing she doesn’t realize is that we may have cheap decorations, but the power bill associated with all this “savings” more than counteracts any bargain she may have found. I kid you not, when our lights are all turned on, our meter is spinning so fast that you could dry your hands over it. Granted, we don’t have quite the display that Clark Griswold provided his family in Christmas Vacation, but we’re definitely in the upper bracket within our town. I have two days until Operation Don’t-Kill-Myself begins.  The best I can hope for is a day without rain, and temperatures that don’t freeze the saliva in my mouth.  I think I’m going to get only one of those.  The flashback dreams have already begun from all of the close calls on the roof that have nearly ended my career as a humble House Light Technician.  One of those visions seems to always find its way to the front:  As I’m holding on for dear life, 30 feet off the ground, and trying to hook the last string of lights on the highest peak of the house, I’m thinking to myself, “Is this really worth it?” Well, once I see the smile on my kids’ faces, it most definitely is.natlampchristmasvacation

Soccer Parties

Is there a bigger racket in all of sports than the end-of-the-season soccer party? Don’t get me wrong, I love my soccer team and all of the great parents we are fortunate enough to share the experience with, but how much is too much? Do we really need a huge cake, trophies, and pizza?  Of course, the kids are going to shout YES, and I tend to agree with them!   My case is rare, because I consider all the parents of my girls my friends, so going out for pizza and beer is not exactly something I need to weigh my options first!  But what about the parents of other teams that don’t really get to know each other during the season? Can standard tradition of the uncomfortable soccer party be broken and maybe have a “No-Kids Get-Together” down at the local coffee shop or watering hole? A good social night out is just what a lot of these parents need…BEFORE the season! After all, the same team is probably going to be together for several years, so why not break loose and get to know each other now and enjoy the ride like we are? I’ve looked across the field way too many times this season, only to see the parents from the opposing team all segregated as if each couple had a contagious disease the others wanted no part of.  How fun is that?  Where is the camaraderie?  The excitement?  The thrill of sharing your daughter’s first goal with someone else?  I feel sorry for the girls on my team in a humorous way. When I look down our own sideline, all the parents are huddled up, laughing, and discussing where to go afterwards…all the while, watching their daughters with one eye at best!  Who says the parents can’t have fun?!?  I made a DVD slideshow with great pictures covering the season and gave it to each of the parents at our soccer party. The main reason?  So the parents could see what they missed while chatting at the game! I didn’t know what to expect when venturing into coaching this year, but I must say, I am probably the luckiest dad in the league to be blessed with such a great group of kids and parents.  It’s too bad that not everyone else can say the same.09-2009-photo 464

A Brief Break in The Ornament House

Last night we took a brief break from the Christmas ornament business and turned The Ornament House into the Old Folks Home! That’s right, I turned 40! To help celebrate the milestone, Wendy organized a terrific party with family and friends. We had great food, beer, wine, and lots and lots of fun! My brother, Sean, even put together a fantastic slide show detailing all the years of my life. I had no idea that I’d been through so much! I know it’s a common question for people to ask if I “feel” like I’m 40. Yesterday, my answer was easily NO, but after a long night of celebrating, I can honestly say I feel like I’m 80 today! Thank you everyone for a memorable night! Now, it’s back to work. There sure are days where I wish I was back to the age I was in this picture!scott

Personalized Team ornaments for all sorts of Sports

Each year we get emails from coaches looking for something different for their team that is a remembrance of the year.  Ornaments have always been a hit with the kids and parents. Here’s an order we did recently for a volleyball team in Temple City, CA.  Looks like the brunettes outnumber the blondes on this team.  If you are looking for team ornaments, just take a look at our sports section and see if there is one that will work for your team.

Volleyball Player Ornamentscloseup