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Bunco Ornaments

We get a lot of orders for bunco personalized ornaments. There are a lot of  bunco groups out there! We thought we’d share this order with you. It was a doozy with all the names on there but looked so cute when it was done that we wanted to share it.  Lots of work dotting all those letters but hopefully the gals will all love their ornament.  We do have a bunco specific ornament as you can see from the picture, or you can just choose one like this santa ornament that can accommodate lots of names.
Closeup of Bunco Ornament
10-2009-photo 384

Bunco Ornaments

Halloween Week has Begun!

The first costume event of Halloween Week is officially over!  We took the kids, along with their cousin, Kristin, to the local YMCA where they had a Halloween event complete with games, crafts, and lots and lots of “prizes” to take home!  Who makes this junk, and why do we continue to pile it up in our house?  Seriously, the manufacturing costs of these “toys” must be no more than one cent each, but the children get at least five cents of fun out of them.  It’s marketing genius, and somebody is making a killing off all of us suckers!  The kids had a bucket full of plastic toys that I’m still trying to figure out what the primary purpose of the things are.  One was just a plastic stick, with more plastic sticking out of the sides, that you twirl around and it makes an irritating noise.  Another was one of those “mini-maze” puzzles with the tiny ball-bearing that nobody in their right mind would try and navigate.  I take that back.  I gave it a feeble attempt while waiting for the rest of the family to try and win a “homemade” cake at the Cake Walk.  Nothing but good old fashioned luck in this game.  The best strategy I can recommend is to have a large family that takes up at least a quarter of the spots.  We still lost!  Oh, well.  The lack of junk food secured tonight was only the calm before the storm.  Come the 31st, we’ll have enough candy to start giving it away online with the purchase of every personalized Christmas ornament!


Not a Fun Saturday for The Ornament House Gang!

The weekend did not get off to a great start. In soccer, both Jamie and Holly’s team got absolutely creamed in the rain! I lost count somewhere around 10-1 in both games. The only highlight was watching Jason decked out in his rain gear and running wild like he was at Disneyland! After the double-header of soccer clunkers, we spent some time working on getting Christmas ornament orders ready to ship, as well as prepare some new ornaments for uploading to the website. Finally, with Wendy off to a wine function at the Seattle Art Museum with a couple of friends, I got the kids to bed early to hunker down with a barrel of popcorn and watch the UW – ASU football game–only to watch the Huskies inexplicably lose their heads and give the game away in the final seconds. Oh, well. At least the kids went to bed good…at 7:30pm! I feel kind of guilty about that, but hey, there was a big football game to watch! soccer girls

Early Results for Popular Ornaments!

We usually have a good idea by now as to which ornaments are going to be our most popular for the year. For families, it’s the Snowball Fight Family, which come in families of 3-10. For kids, the Pirate Ship has the early lead, but I predict the ever-popular dump truck may sink it soon! Please share your thoughts about your favorite Christmas ornament this year!mo_t_pirateship_xlfo_f6_snowballfam_xl

Life in the Ornament House is Underway!

07-09-photo 460Welcome to the very first “official” entry of Life in the Ornament House. This weekly blog will attempt to give everyone an idea on how hectic (and fun!) it is while trying to run a Christmas business out of our home while raising three young kids at the same time! For more than half the year, The Ornament House is all about enjoying the kids and doing various fun activities. However, come late summer through Christmas, life essentially shuts down and day-to-day activities become completely different and take on a whole new meaning. Many of our family members and friends think we have a cakewalk for a life. Though we are very fortunate to both be able to stay home, it’s anything but a day at the beach. We hope to paint a great picture of our life through this brand new blog so you can begin to understand all the work that goes on before our customers receive their beautiful personalized Christmas ornaments from us! We’ll blog about everything—great deals that Wendy has found, entertainment, sports, and of course, all things kids! Stay tuned!

Our Little Halloween Monkey

Halloween can’t come soon enough for this one!Our Little Monkey!

Halloween is Near!

Preparing for Halloween!                 Preparing for Halloween!